Plataforma de rastreo satelital


Satellite tracking system

Our tracking system consists of several components, the cloud software (platform) , the customization for your company and the sale of devices </ a > approved. You can use whatever component you need or a combination to start your satellite tracking business, or simply track your devices.

Cloud Software (Platform)

The software in the cloud is the main component of our system and is used to do the satellite tracking of the different devices. It is capable of keeping a one-year history of positions, events, alarms, etc., and displaying them in the window of a browser or the application of a smartphone.

Features of our cloud software

  • Real-time device tracking
  • Location of the device on the map using its name
  • Device trace recording
  • Recording of the time on each finger that forms the trace of the device
  • Available in the following languages: Russian German Italian Spanish Polish Portuguese Lithuanian Swedish Bulgarian French Portuguese Danish Czech Serbian Hebrew German Greek Macedonian and Vietnamese
  • Google Maps, Bing, MapQuest, Stamen toner, OpenStreetMaps
  • User and role management. Administrator role with which to make configurations they have the possibility of seeing all devices, in addition to a user role, who can only see their own devices
  • Ability to detect offline devices
  • Ability to configure users in read-only mode
  • Ability to assign drivers to devices
  • Ability to restrict users from configuring devices
  • Web interface adaptable to mobile devices
  • Report of stops, illegal speeds, etc.
  • possibility of exporting and importing the trace CSV or GPX text files
  • Ability to change the device icon on the map
  • email notifications
  • Geo-fences
  • Vehicle maintenance settings, based on the route
  • Possibility of sending command to the device (Turn off, turn on, motion alarm, etc.)
  • Device visibility management
  • Device groups

Account types

We offer 3 types of user account to access our cloud software, each with different capabilities. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or the other.

  • Manager: With this account you will have the ability to create and / or manage users and devices. It is the appropriate account for those who are dedicated to the installation of tracking devices and charge a monthly amount to their users for the tracking service. The user of a manager account can use our white label platform (without logos and with a generic name).
  • Fleet: Has the ability to create and / or manage devices. It is the right account for those who have a fleet of vehicles with trackers installed and want to track their units.
  • Free: For those users who own a device and want to track it.

Personalization for your company

If you are in the business of satellite tracking it is necessary that your tools display your logo and name to unequivocally identify your business. That is why we offer a personalized package with everything you need for this purpose.

Personalization features:

  • Installed in the URL of your preference (
  • Personalized with your brand, name and logo
  • Possibility to customize Application for Android and IOS
  • To manage up to 50 users and 50 devices (basic package)
  • Unbeatable price for you to maximize your profits

Sale of devices

In our store you can get approved and original devices at the best prices. We ship directly from our manufacturer in China, without intermediaries to offer unbeatable prices. We have models and accessories to meet the requirements of any need and occasion. Visit our online catalog .