Prices and payment methods

Some of our pricing and payment options will be the right one for your business. Select the most suitable for your company and provide an economical and stable experience to your clients.

Tracking plans

  • Payment per year: 4 USD per year per device.
  • Pay as you go: $ 0.33 per device per month. You must have at least 100 devices since the minimum fee is 33 USD (It implies a discount of 10%).

Other prices

  • Custom Android application: 100 USD
  • Custom application for iOS: 200 USD

Important: The customer must have a developer account with Google or Apple to be able to publish their application in the selected store.

Payment methods

  • Bank transfer / Deposit: Available in Colombia, Panama and Venezuela
  • Debit or credit card: In any art in the world you can pay using your PC or smartphone and our payment gateway (PayU).
  • Cryptocurrencies: A we accept payments in Bitcoin, USDT and other cryptocurrencies. We use the Binance platform.