Terms and conditions

This agreement is between:

  • Santander Technological Solutions. Dosquebradas, Risaralda. Colombia. Called “Latam GPS”.
  • And any person or company, individual or professional, of a private or public nature that wishes to receive one or more services from Latam GPS and that hereinafter will be called “CLIENT”.

And it will be determined by the following clauses:

FIRST : Latam GPS agrees with the CLIENT to provide professional services in renting satellite tracking servers or an account on a shared server for the same purpose of serving as a reception repository of locations sent by the tracking devices.

SECOND : The CLIENT acknowledges that Latam GPS’s obligation is of means and not of results; For its part, Latam GPS will put all its effort and professional knowledge in order to achieve the claims invoked.

THIRD : The CLIENT undertakes under the gravity of an oath to provide real, timely information on the background, documents and all the elements of judgment that may serve Latam GPS for its work, as well as undertakes not to grant the services contracted to Latam GPS as a concession.

FOURTH : The CLIENT will pay Latam GPS in full as payment for the provision of the service the sum corresponding to its subscription for the period described in its package.

FIFTH : The CUSTOMER must know that the standard position history of the tracking devices will be ninety -90- days. Devices must be configured to report locations every minute. These values ​​can be modified to adjust to the client’s needs with prior notice on their part and price adjustments if necessary.

SIXTH : THE CUSTOMER understands that he must configure his tracking devices according to the models they have decided to use and declares that he is knowledgeable about their configuration methods. Latam GPS undertakes to maintain a list of compatible devices published on its WEB.

SEVENTH : THE CLIENT understands that in no case Latam GPS can be held responsible for the use given to the tracking servers or tracking accounts. The servers are offered with a guaranteed reliability of 99.95% of the time and are located in Canada under the protection of the company OVH Hosting, inc. based in Montreal. Support for our services will be done by creating a ticket, on our websites, in the section designated for it.

EIGHTH : THE CUSTOMER is directly aware that payments are made on the first five -05- days of each month. If the payment is not made within that period, the service will be suspended until the payment is effective. If payment is not received on the 10th -10th day, it is considered that the client has decided to stop using the service and the server will be eliminated along with all the data that may be associated and it will not be possible to recover them later. This contract will be canceled if the customer stops paying for our use.

NINTH : Therefore, this contract will provide executive merit for the payment and consequent collection of the payments agreed with Latam GPS.

TENTH : The CLIENT declares to have received sufficient illustration from Latam GPS of the contingencies of his claim, of his rights and to have understood the clauses of this contract, whose content is true, clear and unequivocal and as a sign of Assent and full agreement of each and every one of the previous stipulations is available to use the services. The sole use of Latam GPS services is a sign of acceptance and conformity by THE CLIENT.